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Charter flights

Helicopter charter flight is an opportunity to quickly, safely and comfortably reach any point of Ukraine, regardless of the purpose of the flight. If you have a business meeting scheduled for the near future or you don’t want to spend precious time relaxing on a long road – helicopter rental is what you need.

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The impression is that it will probably stay with us for a lifetime.


I want to reserve one seat in the helicopter. Can I join a group?

If you are alone, contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will try to include you in any group.

Helicopter flight in Odessa

Life consists of impressions. They stay with the person forever. Money, things and other material values ​​come and go, and vivid memories warm the soul for many years. If you are planning a tour, prepare an original gift or just love the extreme feeling, it is worth to book a helicopter flight in Kiev. Walking around the city does not show you so much beauty. Breathtaking views from a bird's eye view do! Imagine an early morning, the sun rises from the horizon, and you are already admiring the surroundings against the bright rays of dawn. Believe us, sensations, are inexpressible! Such a helicopter flight can be given to a beloved girl, especially if you want to tell her the most cherished words. Excited by such a gift, she simply can not refuse you.

We invite you to fly with us!