Helicopter services in Odessa Aero-taxi services and helicopter cargo delivery in Ukraine
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Helicopter services

We provide helicopter services not only for excursions and celebrations, but also for the transportation of passengers and cargo.

You are a business person and appreciate your time and you need to be at the right time at the meeting. The employees of the company can easily handle it. You will be delivered in the shortest time to the right place on comfortable transport. With us you will be able to travel around the country without traffic jams and bustle, bad roads and a long time of waiting.

It is also possible to transport cargo. Such services are often provided by airplane, but they need special conditions such as the presence of a runway. With the helicopter it is not a problem because they can take off and land upright from a place. Cargoes can be transported both inside and outside the helicopter. If one helicopter can not cope with its volumes and dimensions, then two can be used at once. Long-invented technologies allow you to transport the goods you need without any damage.

Helicopter services are convenient, practical and inexpensive. Use air transport, which will emphasize your status and save valuable time.